Mr. Anderson

Mr. Anderson: The Legend of Pondorosa Pucho....begins....NOW!

"Of course the Prime Creator in all the Universe is most responsible for my creative journey through songwriting, singing, producing and composing music,  but the journey could not venture for not without the incredible minds &  talent behind some of the most powerful creative platforms across the globe....

Much gratitude goes out to the men & women of the following organizations whom products and services of which I have proudly utilized for many of years, has made the creative ,technological, & marketing process... for lack of better words....effortless: Korg, Stephen Kay, Bandzoogle, Apple, AVID, TImeWarner, Sam Ash, Guitar Center, Roland/Boss, BOSE, Hyundai Motors, ProTools, Olympus Corp.,Epson. Tunescore, Myspace, Facebook, Adobe, Iomega, BeyerDynamics, Sony, Isignia, NuMark, MXL. " -

Peace, Love & Light 

The Starseed...

Mr. Anderson 

aka Pondorosa Pucho.


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