Mr. Anderson

I remain inspired to be inspired.

Music is voice.

Music is hope.

Music is the calm.

Music is the party.

Music is the serenade.

Music is the theater

Music is the mind.

Music is the stage.

Music is the person.

Music is the Universal Language understood by all species of the planet Earth.

Music is the Universal Language of the many Universes and Galaxies known and undiscovered.

Music is me.

I am Mr. Anderson

I am also Pondorosa Pucho!

I am music before I was brought into existence.

I hope you enjoying the vibe.

Thanks for listening.

I hope we stay close and connected.

peace, love & light.

Mr. Anderson - 2014 

Copyright 2014 -Material, Music Content, Image, Etc. All Rights Reserved - POA Enterprises & Patrick Anderson @ BMI
I love you all but please just ask for permission to use any of my art forms. I'm open for collaborations as well.


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